Friends of the Wirtanen Pioneer Farm was started by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to preserve the Eli Wirtanen Farmstead in Markham, MN.

In October of 2000, the citizens learned that the St. Louis County Historical Society was possibly going to sell the property to a private citizen and history would be lost. Thus, the “Friends” were formed.

In November of 2001, the Historical Society signed over the deed to this non-profit organization, after much farm work by the “friends”, supporters, and volunteers.

Through the efforts of fund-raisers, donations, memberships, and volunteers, we have been able to begin repairs to restore the farm. A new barn roof has been put on, new flooring in the main house, and other general maintenance has been performed. This is mostly through the hard work of volunteers.

We have over 85 paid members and several volunteers who are from all different areas, states, and walks of life.