Dear Friends,

It’s time to get out and visit with Friends of the Wirtanen Pioneer Farm. Pam Brunfelt will be our guest speaker at the Annual Meeting on Monday April 15th at 7pm. We will be at the Colvin Town Hall in Markham, MN and have a small dinner in the Finnish tradition following the meeting. The program, “Visions and Realities of the Iron Range”, explores what it means to be an Iron Ranger. Through the use of themes such as Continuity and Change, Extraction and Exploitation, Distrust, Hope, Foresight, and Loyalty, the history of the people of the Iron Range is explained. The program is revealing to both Iron Rangers, who will recognize themselves, and to people who know little about the area and its unique heritage.

Several people have come forward with donations to the Wirtanen Pioneer Farm Memorial Fund honoring those who have passed. Plans with these funds are for a new sign at the entrance to the farm and also a memorial plaque to be displayed at the Colvin Town Hall. Thank you all who have donated to this fund.


Darlene Saumer President

*Just a reminder* Dues are payable in April and are still $15.00 per individual. Memberships, donations and fundraisers are our means of support and we thank you for it!